Terms and Conditions

Umair Alam Qadri and Syed Danish Hussain are the owners and operators of Kareemgem.com

If you wish to purchase a gemstone from Kareemgems.com then you are required to contact the numbers mentioned on the website or Email us at  [email protected]

  1. Other than the website, if any person impersonating as a Dealer or Retailer or a Representative of Kareemgem.com and makes any kind of deal with you, then Kareemgem.com is not responsible for this.
  2. To contact the Management of Kareemgem.com, Cell phone numbers and Email addresses are given at the website. If any one deals with anybody else that it is their own responsibility.
  3. In the situation of Cash On Delivery, the buyer should only pay the written amount on the parcel to the courier guy. Extra payment should not be paid.
  4. The Products, Contents, Graphics, Layout Design, Fonts, Documents, Logo and Photographs are copyrighted and are fully owned by Kareemgem.com. Thus, if any person or organization tries to copy or steal any of the things on the website then they will be sued according to the copyright laws.
  5. The account made on Kareemgem.com and its details should not be shared with anyone else.
  6. The product will be delivered to the buyer prior to 15 days after the confirmation of order through a Courier.
  7. The courier charges will be applied in the charges that are mentioned on the product.
  8. Customers living in Karachi will receive their package within 3 to 5 days after the date of ordering.
  9. Before returning or exchanging make sure that the product has not been damaged.
  10. We have a strict NO RETURN OR EXCHANGE POLICY after the 15 days of delivery.
  11. All the customers who wish to buy a gemstone can use any of the given methods on the website.
  12. Most Deliveries will be made on CASH ON DELIVERY.

All the prices mentioned are inclusive of taxes. THERE ARE NO HIDDEN CHARGES.