Cleaning Guide



People who use gemstones due to their Meta Physical Effects need to get this in their minds that when they wear a Natural and genuine gemstone, it will suck every negative energy from their body. After cleaning your body from the negativity, you will be able to gain health and be successful in your things or purpose. Thus, it is very important that you should take this gemstone off your body and keep it somewhere else for once so it could release all that negativity in the surroundings. 

To clean it for outside and as well as inside you can use the following methods:

  • Mix 2 table spoon of SEA SALT in water at room temperature.
  • Put your stone in that water and let it soak for almost 12 hours.
  • After 12 hours use a soft cloth to clean your stone.
  • Now your stone has released almost every negativity inside the salt water and it is now clean.
  • Take some dry salt in a small dish and bury your stone in it for 12 hours. This way your stone can be cleaned from the inside and outside as well but be careful that the salt used in this procedure has been thrown and should not be used in any way whether it be eating or drinking.
  • Any of the above mentioned method can be used for cleaning the gemstone but make sure before wearing it again you have to smoke it from an intense stick(Agarbatti).

1. Do not wear a stone that has been worn before. If you are wearing a genuine gemstone and it gets cracked whether from the inside or the outside or it breaks or shatters, then you should never wear that gemstone ever again.
2. Do not use a stone that has been used by someone else because its effect will not affect you.
3. Before buying a gemstone do make sure that the stone is fully cleaned and there are no cracks inside it or outside of it.