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Turquoise Gemstone

This stone is known as "Feroza" in Persian and "Turquoise" in English. It  is a popular gemstone just like Agate Gem Stone. It is found in Sky Blue colour. Those stones which maintain their colour for a long time are most effective. However there are a lot of different types of this stone but mostly Sky Blue Colour is worn most.


Benefits Of Turquoise Gemstone

Saves you from Shock.

Protects you from Evil Eyes.

Makes you more efficient in learning.

Keeps your mind concentrated.

Enhances your spiritual abilities.

Gives power to your stomach and eyesight.

Benefits in most diseases such as diabetes.

Makes you work human rights.

Protects you from fighting.

Benefits your physical health.

Longing relationship.

Keeps dangerous animals away from you.

Enhance your chances of getting your prayers.

Opens roads to a successful life.

Increases your source of income.

Makes your personality of a lion.

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