Buy Topaz Natural Gemstone پکھراج پتھر

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Weight 5.25 Carat

Topaz Gemstone

This stone is known as "Phukraaj" in Urdu "Topaz" in English. It is mined from Mountains and found in Light Magenta, Light Orange And White colours. Though Light Green Golden Topaz are usually used more as it is more expensive and effective.


Benefits of Gemstone

.Solves problems.

.Keeps you away from Stress and Depression.

.Positive effects on your physical.

.Saves you from problem in your business.

.Benefits in skin diseases.

.Enhances your self decision.

.Increases your earning.

.Makes you a justice loving person.

.Makes your heart more powerful.

.Makes your mood better.

.Keeps your sadness away.

.Makes you kind hearted.

.Makes you a respected person.

.Benefits in Piles.

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