Diamond Natural Gemstone ہیرا/الماس پتھر


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Diamond Gemstone Benefits

This stone is known as "Almaas" in Urdu and "Heera" in Punjabi while it is called "Diamond" in English. Diamond gemstone is ranked number one in the most precious gemstones. From the ancient times Diamond is preferred and worn by royalties. This gemstone is used in jewelleries all over the world. Diamond is found in many colours such as White, Yellow, Blue, Pink and Black.


Diamond Gemstone Benefits

  1. Makes your thoughts pure.
  2. Increases the potential in your heart.
  3. Increases self confidence.
  4. Removes fear from you.
  5. The doors to success start to open.
  6. Starts to be loving to everyone.
  7. The power of decision making gets stronger.
  8. Makes your problems go away.

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