Red Coral Natural Gemstone مرجان

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Weight 2.70 Carat
Red Coral Natural Gemstone

In Arabic this stone is known as "Marjaan". In Punjabi it is called "Moonga". This stone is extracted from mountains present in the sea. Coral Gem Stone is usually in many different colours but it is found more in Red colour even though it is also found in Pink, Yellow and White. It is known that the Coral Gem Stone has its effects more when it is in Red colour due to which it is more demanded in that colour. Thus if the colour of this stone is Red or more darker Red then its effects would be doubled. 

Benefits of the Red Coral Gemstone:

.Benefits in the diseases of stomach.

. It benefits in many other diseases as well.

. Saves you from black magic.

. It also benefits the victim in paralysis.

. Wearing a ring made out of this stone may increase your earning.

. It helps out with patients who suffer from joints pain.

. It helps out people in making decisions by their own will power.

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