Yemeni blue Agate Natural Gemstone نیلا یمنی عقیق

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Agate GemStone

This stone is known as "Aqeeq" in Persian and "Agate" in English. There are many different types of Agate Stone. Many men and women wear jewellery made out of this stone because of its beauty and colour. But most men and women wear it because of its Meta physical properties. People which want to wear this stone due to its meta physical properties, they need to make sure that this stone is 100% natural, only then you will be able to experience its properties. Men should wear this stone in the form of a silver ring while women can wear it in Gold or Silver ring.


Benefits of Yemeni Black Agate Gemstone

Makes your physical health better.

Enhance your mind and spiritual properties.

Saves you from your enemies.

Makes your life happy.

Makes your heart better in health.

Gets your mind towards Prayer.

Cleans your blood.

Breaks the effects of Negative entities (Black Magic) .

Makes your stress go away.

Makes your eyesight better.

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